Together forever in mutual benefit

The development of Bicai is inseparable from long-term support and trust of partners. High standard and customers’ strict requirement is the motive power of Bicai. Bicai is always concerned about the development of this industry, takes customers’ needs as the guild, strives to provide excellent products and seek for mutual benefit gratefully. Bicai will make a follow-up visit to the customers regularly to timely know the service condition of the products and give feedback and assistance according to the problems reflected by the customers. “Everything for interests of users; everything for satisfaction of users” is Bicai’s eternal service philosophy.”

Today, Bicai has become the partner and electric component supplier of many world-famous enterprises including Midea, Galanz, Whirlpool, Gree, Samsung, LG , Sharp, Daewoo, Panasonic and Sanyo, which shows recognition of our product quality and trust towards our brand.


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